Our Approach

What would it be like to live in a community where each individual is fully supported, fully loved, free to pursue their dreams and live their passion? Where money is not central to our sense of success or self worth. Where we can dream and create. In the west we live to work and in the islands we work to live. But what would it look like to just live, to just have fun? Where in living your passions and sharing them with others, people’s gratitude towards us would fill our pockets.

Where someone passionate about reconnecting people to the Earth can share insight into how to tap into the energy of trees

Where someone gifted in seeing into people’s hearts can help them to release any unnecessary pain they've been carrying allowing them to live a fuller more conscious life

Where someone gifted in the arts of sexual pleasure and energy movement can reconnect couples and help them rekindle their passion

Or someone gifted in stillness and deep introspection can help others to calm their minds and live in balance

The possibilities are endless, because we are each uniquely and wonderfully created with different passions and drives.

That is the ultimate goal of Harmony Healing Resort & Conscious Community to create a platform where we can live a life doing what we’re passionate about and sharing that passion with others. Where resort guests get to benefit from that passion and compensate the “sharer” accordingly.

Internally, to maintain harmony within the community, intentional hugging, sharing and gratitude circles, non-violent communication, vulnerability, choosing love instead of fear, and attitudes of service and gratitude will be practiced.

Our Story

Harmony Healing Resort
Harmony Healing Resort


Two heads are better than one. When many people come together with a unified desire for transformation the outcomes are limitless. I truly believe that teamwork is essential for pushing ourselves to think bigger and consider other thoughts and ideas that differ from our own. Only through respecting the inputs of other people can we truly benefit from their ideas and contributions.
- Founder Julie Sebastian

Interested in being a part of our movement?

We'd love to have you! We have different options - come as a volunteer, teacher, or community member. Accommodations, food contributions (or exchanges), potential income, visions, plans & goals will be worked out on an individual basis.

For those interested in volunteering and/or teaching email us about how you feel you would fit into this community and send a picture that reflects who you are.

For those that would just like to come and check us out for a month and decide later if you'd like to volunteer/teach/or just live with us then feel free to book your stay as a community member below:

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Looking forward to having you join the community!