Meet your soulmate, your life partner, your true love 💕 & come play in paradise!

We have perfectly designed a 1 week holiday where you will be surrounded by your people… astrologically… 

Get ready for a week of fun filled bonding activities like island hopping, snorkeling, Yoga, breathwork, Tantra, Shibari, astrology, sextrology, cacao ceremonies and so much more!

How does it all work?

Using ancient Tibetan Astrology, our master Astrologist will explore the connections of all applicants before selecting 22 of the most compatible men and women. Your birth chart and your soul chart will be thoroughly studied to find your Soul Tribe.

(Additionally, day to day compatibility with each person in your Soul Tribe will be assessed.)

Then your Soul Tribe will be brought together for “Love in Paradise” at Harmony Healing Resort to let the sparks fly. Find the lover of your soul and/or the best friend you’ve been looking for.

No more guessing, no more hoping and wishing that this person is right for you. Come for a weeklong matchmaking experience designed specifically for you, knowing that everyone present can be compatible for long-lasting, harmonious, & supportive connections.

Imagine having that knowing – knowing the moment you meet your soul tribe that they were designed for you.

You intuitively understand each other’s wants, needs, and desires and you meet them effortlessly because you’re wired similarly. 

Your best astrological matches will be brought together so you can find the life partner or best friend that your soul has been longing for. Get ready for that feeling of “Wow, I really really like this person!” 

And if you are looking for a life partner, the only thing you two need to figure out is – is the attraction there – and there will be plenty of juicy support for that!

Welcome to a world of true understanding and empathy! 

Welcome to your Soul Tribe!

Harmony Healing Resort


I want to come play in paradise

And meet my love & my soul tribe!

Love in Paradise

Matches made in Heaven

Application Fee: 22 USD

After paying the application fee, additional information will be collected including your birthday and time of birth (how can I find my time of birth?1). 

The application fee covers the Master Astrologist analyzing your birth chart and your soul chart, as well as finding your Soul Tribe and compatible connections. 

Once your Soul Tribe/compatibility group has been found, it’s time to book those flights for a week in paradise in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines!

Note: All activities will be in English. At this time, we are only accepting applicants aged 22-49, “women seeking men”, and “men seeking women” (In the future we will host a wider variety of ages and sexual orientations)

Love in Paradise

Matches made in Heaven

Harmony healing resort

1 Week matchmaking EXPERIENCE!

This weeklong matchmaking experience will be filled with fun bonding activities like island hopping, snorkeling, yoga, breathwork, tantra, Shibari, astrology, sextrology, cacao ceremonies, bonfires, delicious meals, and ecstatic dance!

Set on a remote beach in northern Palawan, we will remove all the external factors so that you can focus on making connections. Connecting with yourself, your soul tribe, and with nature.

Price (per person): Includes all activities and meals

Dormitory – 4 person (595USD)

Private Open-Air Tent (Only available March – May) (595 USD)

Private Teepee (695 USD)

More room options coming soon…

About us

What do we do?

We help people find each other – lovers, soulmates, partners, best friends

How do we do it?

Astrologically – birth and soul chart mapping using ancient Tibetan Astrology and modern Tropical Astrology

Why do we do it?

Because being in love and being loved is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. When you are truly in love with someone who loves all of you and you love all of them, there’s nothing that you can’t do. Everything is possible. You feel like you’re on top of the world. All the limits, all the boundaries, all the self-doubt gently fall away. Love gives us wings to fly.

Being in a relationship that is not loving, where we don’t love all of our partner and they don’t love all of us, is the most destructive force on the planet. We call them toxic relationships because they are toxic. They are toxic to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. They break us down. They harm us. They are detrimental to our entire being – to our life force.

We have created Love in Paradise at Harmony Healing Resort to help people find true love. To help people connect with someone they can have a loving, harmonious, supportive relationship with. A relationship where the honeymoon phase does not end, but rather their love and respect for each other grows more and more each day. A relationship that has all the fundamental building blocks needed to be successful. The building blocks of understanding, empathy, and soul connection.

Our goal, our desire, is to create a more loving, more happy world. Where people enter into relationships that give them wings to fly 😁💕

  1. Do you know the exact time you were born (accurate to 1-5 minutes)? 
    *In order to find your soul tribe, we need your accurate birth time, because the soul chart changes every 7 minutes. If you don’t have the exact time, you may be matched with the wrong soul tribe. So please find your exact time of birth.

    How to find my exact time of birth? 
    Please check your birth certificate, many countries list the time on the birth certificate, if it’s not listed you may need to request a full birth certificate from your local government with the time written on it.
    OR you can work with an astrologer to determine your exact time of birth. Select Birth Time Rectification at the end of Marina’s page. Use coupon code HARMONY at checkout for a $20 discount.