Stimulate your body, still your mind, and connect deeper with your partner!

Ready to heighten your awareness of yourself (physical and energetic) and/or take your intimacy with your partner to the next level? If yes, then join us for this white tantra and yoga retreat where you will learn to connect deeply with yourself, to feel every inch of your body, and learn to move your life force or sexual energy between you and your partner.

White tantra is a spiritual path which incorporates sounds, breath work, meditation, eye gazing, and energy awareness.

We will explore some of the easiest and most powerful pathways to pleasure - breathe, movement, silliness, and meditation.

You will learn to feel your internal energy and learn how to consciously connect with full presence to yourself and your partner.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, shy, or closed off - and ready to break free of any blocks that have been preventing yourself from feeling pleasure or bliss, we invite you to try something new. We invite you to dive into your body, awaken your senses, heighten your sensitivity, increase your awareness, and be fully present in each and every moment. Connect with yourself and your body, allow yourself to receive fully and give fully. Learn conscious touch, what turns you on, and what turns on your partner.

And for those of you who feel open, and are ready to take their sexual pleasure and experiences to the next level we welcome you!

Activities - Awaken the body, move, and harness sexual energy though:

  • Conscious Touch - discover your optimal touch, tension, and breathe - thus allowing you to go deeper while feeling safe and supported
  • Sensations - tune into your personal senses, discover what truly turns you on (sight, taste, touch, smell, sound) as we play
  • Play - Have fun! Break free of rules, roles and structures that we box ourselves into and be silly. Allow your energy to flow unrestricted!
  • Movement - Dance, shake, be silly, be sexy, participate in high energy active meditations and awaken your natural flow of sexual energy
  • Conscious Breathing - calm the body, energize the body, circulate energy, and change your consciousness through different breathing techniques
  • Meditation & Mindfulness - allow yourself to be fully present in each moment, to truly perceive every subtle sensation
  • Chakra charging - Use breathing techniques, sounds, and chanting to super charge the different chakras in the body, clear blockages and allow your sexual energy to flow more fluidly
  • Giving and Receiving - Practice receiving - drop fully into your body and restore your ability to receive pleasure. Learn what it means to just accept energy without needing to give any out or do anything in return. Then learn to fully give, with complete attentiveness to the other person, focused completely on giving.