Connect with your Divinity: Find Peace and Inner Serenity

Are you ready to live a joyous, abundant life, deeply connected to yourself and your inner divinity? Feeling burnt out, exhausted, purposeless? This retreat is designed to reconnect you with yourself, and with all of life – so that you can live a more blissful content life, equipped with practical tools to create the life of your dreams.


Goddess Retreats

Awaken the goddess within… unlock your sexual energy (your life-force energy) and begin living a more magical existence. This retreat is designed specifically for women who have blocked sexual energy - never orgasmed or feel shame/guilt around intimacy.

Tantra Retreats

Connect deeply with yourself, feel every inch of your body, and learn to move your sexual energy! At our tantra retreats you will explore some of the easiest and most powerful pathways to pleasure - breathe, movement, silliness, and meditation.